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Commercial Carpet Tile

Relaxing at home or in the office, it’s all about comfort. A comfortable couch, a cozy bed, etc. are all designed to make you say “Ah.” But what about the comfort of your feet? Carpeting is the ideal flooring choice when you want your back & tiptoes to feel cushioned. When you choose carpeting from Barter House Flooring, you have chosen luxury and comfort all in one.

An ever-expanding category of flooring, carpet has a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. A textured cut pile carpet has relaxed fibers that allow for more wear, but is still made with comfort in mind. A cut pile type of carpeting is created for comfort, but also has highly twisted yarn that will be durable in a room with a lot of foot traffic.

When you select carpet as your flooring of choice, it doesn’t stop there; it is easy to customize. There are so many colors, styles and textures to provide the right amount of comfort to your home or office. Whether you’re looking for textured plush, Friezé or a plush carpet, they are all options available.

There are countless reasons why having carpet in a home or office is beneficial. Carpet acts as an insulator; it reduces noise by absorbing sounds; it improves indoor air quality; and of course, it provides the relaxation one looks for.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is very important to the life of commercial carpet tiles. Taking long slow steady passes over the carpet to pick up loose particles and debris is always best. High-traffic areas need to be vacuumed every day, moderate traffic areas should be vacuumed two to three times a week.

React quickly when a spill occurs. Gently blot any surface liquid immediately. Do not allow a spill to become a stain. Here are some additional tips to help preserve the life of the tiles, decreasing the need for premature replacement:

  • Remove ink with water followed by a solvent spot remover.
  • Remove coffee with a warm mild detergent solution first, then use a solvent spot remover.
  • Use a cloth or sponge to apply solvents or solutions.
  • Treat spots working from the outside towards the middle.
  • Rinse the spot after using a water-based solvent.
  • Remember, the tile can always be lifted out of place rinsed off and returned.
  • Use protective mats by entrances to absorb excess liquid and dirt.

Heavy Duty Cleaning
One method is to pre-spray the carpet and then use dry carpet crystals or powder on to the carpet tiles with a rotary machine and a brush plate attachment. Then, remove the dirt with a commercial vacuum. Pile lifting of the carpet in this manner allows for the deep seated dirt to be removed from the brushes in the machine.

Hot water extraction is another cleaning method. It removes ground-in dirt that builds up over time. Never saturate the tiles to avoid seepage. If water gets underneath the tiles, it must be dried to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Professional cleaning is recommended as opposed to a do-it-yourself approach, regardless of the size of your commercial entity.