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Rubber Flooring

All rubber is not created equal, nor does it perform alike. Building upon decades of experience, our products from Barter House Flooring offer a truly premium formulation that meets the design and performance demands of residential & commercial facilities. Simply put, our rubber withstands heavy traffic, preserves color and look, and enables easier cleaning and maintenance.

Encompassing rubber tile, wall base, stair systems, moldings will provide a comprehensive solution to suit any project. Please check out the Website’s below to see the colors offered.

Cleaning is simple and easy to do. Daily cleaning is mixing a neutral (pH 7-9) detergent cleaner such as TASKI Profi cleaner or other similar cleaner, with a mixture rate of 6-10oz of detergent to 1 Gal of water. Clean / scrub the floor and you then can wet vacuum up the floor or use a micro fiber mop. Then go back over it with fresh water and let it dry and you’re done.

TASKI Profi Cleaner

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